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the dewy look

the dewy look


Ahhhhh... there's nothing like having friends with benefits. About 15 years ago that phrase took on a whole different meaning, but now in my mid (ok, technically late 30s) I'm astonished to say I'm actually referring to friends who kindly share their talents with others, preferably outside of the bedroom. In this post, my very gifted friend Khira explains how she gave this defeated face a youthful, hydrated, glowy and much-needed pick-me-up. It's a bit of a departure from how I normally do my make up, a rare step into the unknown, which I surprisingy found quite exciting. Below are the specific beauty products used for my "stepping into spring look" as explained by Khira. I also give a quick blurb on my take of each product (written in BOLD). OK... shameless plug alert, if you're in the Connecticut area, you can have Khira create a look that suits you too!

  • Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm- Blend a couple pumps with your  favorite foundation or just use this on it's own to achieve an all over glow. LOVE THIS STUFF... went to Blue Mercury the following day and purchased it. I've been using it every day since.

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer- Used "light" and "medium" mixed together and buffed out as foundation. I really liked the texture of these concealers but as someone who prefers more than a decent amount of coverage, it's not one I would purchase in the future. However, for all of my minimalist friends out there... I can see you guys gravitating toward this especially in warmer temperatures. Great price point too.

  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation Stick- Used in a shade darker that your own skin tone to bronze and gently sculpt. Makeup Forever, in my humble opinion, is a magical makeup brand and this stick, in particular, is just so easy to use and unintimidating for the contour virgins among us. 

  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage- Applied in "number 3" where extra concealing is needed: around nose, mouth and under eyes. Ok, so this one is a CULT FAVORITE but because I vowed to be transparent on my blog... I immediately ran upstairs and brought down my own personal lifesaver... MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC20 to help get the job done in the facial areas mentioned above. My skin tends to require extra attention, especially under the eyes, so I had to insist on my own concealer (and Khira was completely cool with this.)

  • Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit and Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff- Mix well between fingers and pat onto cheeks. The cloud paint is buildable. Ok, so if you've been following my blog then you KNOW when Khira started using cream blush on my cheeks, a little wave (ok actually like a tidal wave) of panic flowed through my body. But after some negotiation, Khira promised to use more blush than she normally would on others so I wouldn't need to start breathing into a brown paper bag. I can fully appreciate how well these cheek stains transition into spring and summer and really give off an effortless and natural flush of the face.

  • Glossier Haloscope in QuartzUsed to highlight all the high points of the face i.e. inner corner of the eyes and Cupid’s bow (the V above the lips.) YES! YES! YES! Super user friendly, suits all skin tones, and has dewy written all over it. I'm currently (impatiently) waiting for this one to arrive in the mail.

  • Laura Mercier Translucent PowderDust onto t-zone with a large powder brush to take down shine where needed. NO BRAINER and should be in every women's cosmetic bag. Laura Mercier does this one the best. 

  • Glossier Lid Star- Shade: "Cub." Spread across eyelid using fingertips for better control. Buildable. Another product I loved! The rose gold eyelid was something so different for me but it ended up enhancing my eye color and Khira's technique was flawless. If you're looking for a no fuss, flattering lid color than definitely consider buying these sticks from Glossier. 

  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel linerColor: "Brown Out" drawn right on top of lash line to promote a "full lash look," and then smudged in gently. I already have this pencil although not in as flattering a shade as "brown out"... I love the ease and feel of this liner.

  • Lancome Definicils Mascara- To make smaller eyes stand out, apply multiple layers, and shimmy the wand in an upward motion.  We used my mascara because I'm a control freak and I just couldn't imagine any signs of life to exist on my face without the help of Lancome Definicils. Khira did mascara my bottom lashes, which I almost NEVER do, and I really loved the results. 

  • Anastasia Brow Wiz PencilUsed the color "medium brown" to fill in brows. And then applied Benefit Gimme Brow in number 3 to shape and set brows. Love both of these products. Khira sort of brushed my brow hairs up to give more of a messy, youthful, just-out-of-bed look and I was really digging it. 

  • Trish McEvoy Lip and Cheek Pencil- Applied in the color Rose all over lips (don't forget the corners of your mouth!) This was hands-down my favorite product used. It was SUPER HYDRATING, so easy to apply and matched my lips perfectly. This has permanently been added to my beauty repertoire!

  • Glossier Clear Lip Gloss- Generously spread on top of lips after pencil. Ok, remember Mac's "lipglass?" Well this is the same but WAAAAY better; it's not as sticky and the applicator is much more desirable. So far I've bought it... for myself, my sister, my dry cleaner, the cashier at CVS, the woman at the deli counter... you get the point. 

Be sure to check out all things "Khira" @ www.khirakaram.com



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