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Kid - Friendly Beauty Products

Kid - Friendly Beauty Products

God blessed me with three girls. And as much as I appreciate that blessing, I wasn't prepared for all the stuff that comes along with having three daughters… i.e all those heads of hair and various skin sensitivities. Back in my day (oh Lord…don’t worry I’m not about to rant about the price of bread), parents didn’t have a large selection when choosing suitable kid products. If my hair was snarly, I was commanded to hold onto the sink (for dear life) as my mom aggressively brushed through it with one of those heavy, rubber hair brushes…. you know the ones with the white plastic “spikes.” If it was school picture day, then maaaaybe my mom even patted down my strays with the sure-fire staying power of some saliva. Fast forward a couple of decades, contrary to my experience in the 80s, the beauty game has changed even when it comes to kids products. I actually find it overwhelming at times because there are SO many options. Admittingly, I fail miserably in most arenas of child-rearing… I mean I feed my girls chicken fingers or Mac n cheese six days a week and that’s only because on Fridays, I let them eat pizza… but when it comes to beauty products, I’ve got this covered. We can all agree, the “cleaner” the product, the better for our children… but as much as I prefer a pure product, it’s still gotta get the job done. Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite kid-friendly grooming goods, ones that I'm confident every parent will feel assured when using.

Beautycounter Body Wash and Shampoo- Beautycounter is monopolizing the market on clean beauty. I am still not totally willing to give up my retinols (and special cocktails of chemicals that I lovingly inject all up in ma face), BUT this line is a no-brainer when it comes to my kids. Their product smells fresh, lathers well and the packaging is brilliant. The best part is, you can buy the BC shampoo and body wash in “jumbo size” right now and they even throw in an adorable hooded towel!

Carole’s Daughter “Sacred Tiare” Conditioner- Fun fact: I have three daughters and they have some SEROUS hair. One of my daughters, in particular, has a thick and curly, coarse mane which requires wishes and prayers on the regular to tame. I found Carole’s Daughter Shea Conditioner at CVS one day while perusing their clean beauty aisle, and decided to give this one a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only is this stuff sublimely scented but it leaves my own daughters' hair smooth as silk. I use one pump per head and apply only to the ends and RINSE OUT WELL. Now my post bath brush-throughs are tear-free, and I owe it all to you Carole’s Daughter….. whoever you are.

Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner- This spray is a miracle worker in a bottle. It smooths frizz and curly hair and makes the management of my daughters’ hair possible. I especially covet this stuff for my middle daughter who, as I mentioned above, has weighty, thick, textured hair. I spray this on her wet hair after baths to detangle or… on her dry hair to style before school. I also spray into my hand and then spread over the heads of all three of my daughters as a way of keeping the static in check. This spray makes the manageability of my daughter’s hair attainable and with so many daily wars to wage with my kids…it’s nice to strike The Battle of the Hair off the list.

Eczema Honey Lotion- I bought this lotion on a whim one night after listening to my oldest daughter, Penny, howl in pain due to her seasonal eczema. I was attracted to its promise to relieve symptoms of eczema naturally. Up until this point, I was relying on steroid cream when her eczema would flare-up. At first, I was kind of perplexed by this product. It certainly didn’t feel like a traditional cream and the smell was kind of funny… and it dries somewhat sticky on the skin. But all of these oddities seem to be the ticket to the purity and effectiveness of this product. After Penny got over the initial awkwardness of the honey lotion, she couldn’t stop slathering it on. I was blown away that once we used it consistently, it took away the itch and inflammation and evoked calmer skin all around. BTW- if you’re in the market for a cheaper, more readily available option, I also swear by Aveeno Baby Eczema lotion.

Wet Brush- this is another one of those products that we live and die by.. I’m not kidding, I’m convinced my family alone keeps Wet Brush in business (Our current household count: 7)… Here’s my personal testimony…. my youngest daughter, Charlotte, has long, full hair. While sleeping each night, Charlotte thrashes her head back and forth as a way of self-soothing (this is one of the stranger things I’ve seen my kids do). By  the morning time, her hair is so knotted and nested that it looks like it’s housing five full size rats in there. Imagine the task ahead of me when it's time to go to school and it’s my job to brush through that mange... The Wet Brush is my own personal Mary Poppins. It glides through Charlotte’s hair without the pull and strain from a normal brush, and I can quickly work out the damage from her nightly head charades. And the best news is: Charlotte doesn’t cower at the sight of this brush and  only minimally whines while I’m doing her hair.

Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup- I added this one for fun. Having a mother as a beauty blogger, my daughters are always trying to get their messy little hands on my makeup… and I’m ok with that… sometimes. This Christmas Santa had the brilliant idea to gift my daughters their very own makeup kits. He was even wise enough to choose a brand that was clean and safe. If it’s past the holiday season, you can find this stuff yourself on amazon. My girls are obsessed with Klee’s makeup and Mama highly recommends it as well!

Nowadays, we ingest so much junk, be it food or the beauty products we use onto and into our bodies. I guess I’m less concerned about said junk when it pertains to me and more so when it pertains to my daughters. I love the kid-friendly beauty products I listed above and I’m so pumped there are so many clean options to choose from. I’m also pumped that each of these products are adult-friendly too which means my daughters and I are officially sharing “our stuff.” (No, actually I'm not pumped about that, because first it’s beauty products, next it’s my shoes and then it’s my LA MER … I know how this goes. I’m still “sharing” with my mom.


Our WET Brush Stash…

And we have more, I just couldn’t find them!


An Exhibition of Charlotte’s Rats Nests…

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