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all about eyes

all about eyes

Ever since the cold came creeping in, I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries on ways to hydrate and depuff that delicate skin around our eyes. Now, this is something I really feel like I can help with because I have personally struggled with dark circles and skin sensitivity since high school. If I’m not consistent with my eye care routine, I can look like I hit the tequila bottle hard the night before. I’ll wake up in the morning with dry, red patches around my eyes and even after applying makeup, my concealer settles into all those thirsty, fine lines in that area aging me a good 40 years. The upside to all of this is: I’ve made it my mission to remedy this annoying problem and I’m sharing what’s worked for me with all of you! Check out my list below.


Ole Henriksen Banana Eye Cream: Have you checked out my social media lately? I've been singing high praises to this bright orange jar of delight. Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright Eye cream is the definition of instant gratification; it is not only hydrating and firming, it is also soooo very illuminating... it's like stringing a strand of Christmas lights under your eyes and then flipping on the switch... Ta-da "It's beautiful, Clark." Also, the price point is pretty great and the cream is so dense and luxurious- it will last you for months. Feel free to apply this stuff under or on top of your make-up.... over and over again all day. This is the most raved about product from my male and female fans alike and a 100% antidote to my tired eyes.


Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress: This may be the most effective product on my blog post. This winter, I had these weird red circles around my eyes and when I blinked it straight up felt like there was a shard of glass stuck in my eye. I promptly went to see my eye doctor and she said I have severely dry eyes… she recommended this eye compress that can be bought on amazon. It is the BEST INVENTION EVER. You warm up the eye mask in the microwave and strap on over your eyes and summon yourself to the “red room”- okay, sorry I couldn’t resist.  It works by having your own eyes release meibomian eye oils which help to lubricate, refresh and relieve dry eyes. It’s super cheap and can be shipped to your doorstep in a day. This is a natural, innovative way of caring for eyes. NOTE: Upon removal of this eye mask, your vision may be blurry for a few minutes due to the oils released within your eye. DON’T FRET (like I did)… it goes away in a few minutes and you’ll be back to seeing your all your kid’s crap strewn all around the room in no time.


Peter Thomas Roth 24K Pure Gold Eye Patches: I love these gold patches by Peter Thomas Roth… true to its name, these patches contain 24K and colloidal gold and promise to lift and firm the eye area. They also contain caffeine, collagen and humectants that work together to improve the overall radiance of the delicate area around our eyes. OK, OK, they’re a little gimmicky but I COMPLETELY buy into these and notice an immediate difference after using them. You can apply these patches two different ways- one to address crow’s feet and one to address puffy eyes. I need to eradicate both so I alternate between the various applications. I also REALLY love Klorane’s version of eye patches… they were a lifesaver for my tired eyes before, during and after traveling overseas.


Humidifier- this step is crucial not only for healthy, hydrated looking eyes but also for the health of your entire body of skin as well. Putting a decent size humidifier in my room was hands down the most effective step in changing the texture of my skin this winter. It was an easy solution that sort of cured all of my skin woes… especially those in which were circling my dry eyes. This one is a no brainer. I really love the humidifiers from HoMedics… they are middle of the road when it comes to price, most don’t require a filter and they are SUPER user-friendly.

OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER: I have a young daughter who is sensitive to allergens etc… I also have a husband who had a 30-day dry cough which kept me awake for each one of those 30 days. For those of you who aren’t familiar, my husband is a huge dude… we’re talking 6’7 former collegiate basketball player huge…. When he’s up all night hacking away, the bed shakes. Something had to be done, so I splurged and hired a vent-cleaning service to come out to my house. What they found lurking in our vents (so many of which were blowing directly above our heads at night) was diiii-sgusting. Now that our vents are meticulously sanitized and cleared, our family is feeling much better and Momma’s back to sleeping…. Which we know is critical for the well-being of the entire family.

DRINK WATER: This is sort of a whole face solution as well. If you are not drinking enough water it can make you feel sluggish, dizzy etc. but it can also make your skin look rougher and older than it actually is. I notice when I mindfully fill up on water, my face really plumps up as a result… which is exactly the kind of plump I prefer!

Kid - Friendly Beauty Products

Kid - Friendly Beauty Products