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beauty q & a

beauty q & a

SOOO, I don’t claim to know it all (unless, of course, you are a member of my family), yet apparently I’ve gained the trust of my beauty curious community... THANK YOU! Every day I’m asked at least one beauty-related question. Since so many of you are interested in similar topics, the genius inside me had a revolutionary idea to do a little Q & A session!!! I hope you find the below questions and answers helpful.

1. Help! I have darkness all around my eyes including the skin closest to my nose, what do I do?

You’re in good company sister. They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, right? Well if that’s true, than my eyes would reveal a soul in desperate need of sleep and a few THOUSAND gulps from the fountain of youth. Thankfully, tired-looking, dark-circled eyes ARE a common problem for most after the doughy-faced teenage years and therefore, all kinds of new technologies are being developed to address this issue. I’ve recently learned of a special procedure where a specific laser is used around the eyes and then blood is taken from the arm, spun and injected back into the delicate skin where the laser was used. The results claim to rejuvenate the skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles. … I’ve seen the before and after pictures and it’s pretty legit. But if you’re reticent to commit the downtime and the finances to this kind of procedure… the name of the game is DISGUISE. As a person who has struggled with dark circles since childhood, I’m gobstruck that I have only discovered the answer to all of my superficial prayers this summer. When I was having my makeup done before a wedding, I was introduced to THE ONE, THE ONLY Shape Tape by Tarte. It’s a full coverage concealer that does not dehydrate, does not crease or settle into fine lines and lasts even after boozy, sweaty sessions on the dance floor. Shape Tape is a stick concealer so I apply in all of my problem areas…. basically I just hit my target by drawing large circles around my eyes over and over again and blend accordingly with a damp sponge. OBSESSED…. nothing more to say.

2. What’s the best AM serum?

Oh! I love this question and it’s one I get asked all the time. There are a few serums which I’m so passionate about…. each of them containing vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts something called “collagen synthesis” in the skin which slows down aging and is one ingredient I read over and over again that all dermatologists agree actually works. It softens wrinkles and fine lines and prevents those little bastards from forming in the first place. I never ever, ever, EVER begin my day without this serum. The three that I absolutely covet are: Drunk Elephant’s C Firma, Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, and PURE BioDerm Aniox C (most affordable option). Apply your C Serum after your face has been thoroughly washed in the AM (and you’ve waited a minute or two). Follow with a hydrating moisturizer and SPF. Voila… you’re beaming already!

3. Hi, I need your help. Do you have an eye cream you can recommend?

Hi! First of all let me apologize in advance because I’m about to sound SUPER redundant… my go-to eye cream for over a year now has been Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Eye Creme. Why do I love this stuff, you ask? I can apply it several times a day. It’s wearable under OR over make up… on bare skin, in the morning or in the evening time. It is crazy moisturizing which is most important to me and it illuminates the entire occipital bone area. This miracle cream is an all around winner. In regards to eye serums, Drunk Elephant is the gold standard once again with their Shaba Eye Complex. It tackles signs of aging, firms and smooths the area around the eye. Read the reviews about this eye serum… people are vowing they have seen lines literally disappear. I love the silky feel to it and I love the promise of a more youthful look. And finally, all aboard compadres! because I am big time on the eye patch train. My latest fave is Klorane’s calming eye patches that stick to the skin really well, which trust me, is convenient if you plan on wearing them AND hula hooping at the same time. It leaves the delicate eye area visibly more firm and lighter. These patches are forever tucked into my toiletry kit whenever I travel… which happens but thrice a year but it felt really cool to say nonetheless.

4. I need serious help! My skin is BEYOND dry… wtf!!!

Since wintertime already feels like it is on the horizon, at least on the East Coast, it means dry, cold weather. That is sort of a recipe for disaster when it comes to your skin. The biggest game changer for me and my thirsty skin has been purchasing a 1 gallon tank humidifier. I chose one from HoMedics because it does not require a filter which makes it much more user-friendly. I run it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and actually have the nozzle blowing right into my face (sorry Mike) allowing my skin to reap the hefty rewards come morning time. As for lotions I recommend in the winter, I am obsessed with Sunday Riley’s TIDAL. It contains hyalauronic acid which retains 100x its weight in water. I slather this stuff on AM and PM and I really notice a difference in the texture and hydration level of my skin. Another goody is Marc Jacobs’ Youth Quake which acts similarly to TIDAL but it exfoliates the skin as well. You will LOVE the feel AND the results of both of these gels. Also! Don’t forget to drink water. It’s scientifically proven to rehydrate and plump skin (DUH).

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